Born and raised in Sydney, Katerina packed her bags in 2015 leaving the sunshine behind to chase dark rooms and her editorial dreams in Melbourne.

She has been working alongside senior editors at The Butchery to assemble commercials and cut scores of cutdown edits, whilst leading the team of assistants behind the scenes.  Thriving on variety, Katerina has been involved in editing a diverse range of projects, from commercials to comedies, short films to documentaries, as well as music videos and educational programs.  She has had the privilege of collaborating with directors such as Jessie Oldfield, Adam Murfet, Nick Russell and Niamh Peren.  Katerina combines her strong technical background and keen eye for detail with creative sensitivity in her editorial work.

Katerina edited the short film Serving Joy (2017), written and directed by Martin Sharpe which won Best Comedy at Edmonton Film Festival in Canada.