The Butchery's AWARD metal for 2017

The Butchery's editors have had a hand in plenty of the winning work at this years AWARD held in Sydney, including cutting Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in the Television Commercial and Campaign categories.  Work which picked up metal included- Bonds 'The Boys' Campaign (cut by Michael Lutman), ALDI 'Nothing beats the perfect Aussie Christmas' Campaign (cut by Jack Hutchings), Foxtel 'Date' 'Bus' 'Karen' Campaign (cut by Johanna Scott), and the McDonalds 'Anything for Love' spot (cut by Tim Mauger). Also winning on the night was the 'Letters of Gallipoli' Charity Campaign (cut by Johanna Scott). 

In the Film Editing category Johanna Scott picked up Silver for Foxtel 'Date Night', Dan Lee picked up Bronze for HCF 'Health Is' and Tim Mauger picked up a Silver for McDonalds 'Anything for Love'.  

Dan Lee also cut the only music video to pick up an award, Born Dirty's 'Butter' directed by Matt Devine at Revolver.