A journey from camera assistant, to photographer, to writer/director has brought Rohan an unique perspective to film editing.

Not long before high-definition was born, Rohan struck a common aesthetic with director Mark Molloy from Exit films, resulting in Rohan cutting a large amount of fresh, award winning work.

Since that time, Rohan's been expanding out and crafting work for many other directors in the region, including Christopher Riggert, Fiona McGee, Rey Carlson, Melanie Bridge, Patrick Hughes, Jonathan Nyquist, Paola Morabito, Alex Brown and Ben Saunders.

Over the last five consecutive years Rohan's work has been recognised with a swag of editing awards at the local MADC's, and also numerous AWARD awards in Sydney, as well as picking up gongs for commercial work in New Zealand and abroad. Rohan's work has won awards at the Cannes Lions and he's picked up a bronze lion for film craft editing for VW Memories.

Rohan is a partner in The Butchery and has been a huge part of setting up The Butchery's office in Sydney, moving there from Melbourne in 2014.  With a reel of beautiful and inspiring work and a strong passion for film editing, Rohan's energy and dedication to the craft is second to none.