Invaluable time spent in advertising agencies learning how to drink properly gave Tim unique insights into liver function and the complexities of life on both sides of the fence.

Once he wrangled his way into Post Production with rat cunning and subterfuge, documentaries, short films, and work on Australian features followed, and since then, a distillation into the short form of the game. A huge body of work ensued - great directors, great campaigns.

Directors who Tim's had the pleasure of working with include Fiona McGee, Adam Stevens, Craig Maclean, Mike Goode, Peter Maguire, Greg Wood, Dogboy, Edwin Mcgill, Husein Alicajic and Tony Rogers.

Tim always has multitudes of projects running alongside the advertising rickshaw - from the immensely popular “How to Talk Australians” with Tony Rogers, to the short film “Beast” with Chris Sferrazza, and the convict share-house story “Bruce the series” - check out our film section for the trailers.